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Hi Friends!

We have a VERY big announcement to make!

After recently celebrating 35 successful years of business, Marty and I have decided it is time to pass the torch on to someone else! We are selling Princeton Seafood Company!

As much as we love our restaurant, we would really like to spend more time traveling together – Marty did just turn 62 after all, and we want our retirement years to be special! We will dearly miss all of our treasured customers, especially our many loyal locals who have supported and come back to us again and again over the years! Thank you so much for being a part of our story. We couldn’t have done it without you!

At the very end of the post I will share our broker’s information in case one of you would be interested in starting a new adventure of your own! But first, I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of our special history with Princeton Seafood Company….

Let’s go back to when it all started!


In October of 1979, Marty and I moved to California at the convincing of old friend and commercial fisherman Don Pemberton. With Don’s fishing know-how and our backgrounds in business, we were the perfect trio to launch a wholesale fish market! We started with leased space off of Romeo’s Pier where we sold Don’s catch to retail and wholesale markets in the Bay Area. Next we opened up a crab stand in front of Ida’s (now Sam’s Chowder House) and sold both live and cooked crab on the weekends. Marty was often referred to as “The Crab Man” in reference to the shellfish (or at least we hope)!

With Crystal in my belly, this photo truly symbolizes Marty and I balancing our devotion to family with our love for the seafood industry!


Since we dreamed of eventually opening up our own seafood restaurant, we were very excited when the opportunity came up for a spot on Johnson Pier (after the closing of the Sea Witch restaurant). Don’s friend Airline Captain Rick Grether was excited at the chance to invest and helped our team secure the 800 feet location. Little did we know that this would become the permanent home for Princeton Seafood! Through multiple expansions we were able to triple the size of the restaurant!

Marty and I with Don Pemberton wife Katie

Marty and I with Don Pemberton and wife Katie

We were lucky to have help from Marty’s parents in the earlier years. Shirley and Harry Botham joined us in 1981. Shirley had many helpful years of experience as a caterer – she even developed our famous clam chowder recipe that we still use today!

1983 - Local newspaper article

1983 – Local newspaper article


We also had an 18-ft fish counter known as the “ocean on display” where the front dining area currently sits. A few years later we added the ice cream/take-out window and the fish market was transitioned out of the dining area.

By the mid-eighties Marty’s parents were ready to retire for a slower-paced life in Ukiah, California. Soon after, we were ready to open up for dinner and we added our first char-broiler to meet the demand for more healthy seafood items. In addition, Manuel Silva was hired as our kitchen manager and chef and stayed with us more than 15 years.


In 1988 we entered the Knight’s of Columbus Clam Chowder Cook-Off. Thirty teams would compete in the local competition and during the 3 years in a row that we participated, Princeton Seafood took home the People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice awards! As a bonus, one year we even took home the best-dressed award!


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More recently, in 2008, Marty and I spent months watching a beautiful wooden fisherman come to life as he being carved by Magnus Sandblom. We knew we just had to have him! It has been really fun seeing all of the photos that friends, family, and customers have shared of Magnus over the years!


In the fall of the same year we started up a car show here in the harbor called Cool Harbor Nights. An inspiration from our son’s interest in classic cars, and a unique way to bring the community together, we started hosting it every first Thursday of the month until sunset. There were many fun successful evenings as the show continued to grow with new participants each month! Proceeds from the raffle always went to a local non-profit.


Finally, in 2016, we will get ready to say Good Bye. While we will miss the restaurant, we are even more excited about this new chapter in our lives! We have a travel trailer that is just the right size for us and our two dogs – we can’t wait to begin our first trip! Yellowstone perhaps? The possibilities are endless!

On behalf of Marty and myself, THANK YOU for all of your many years of laughs, loyalty, and support! If you have a special memory of Princeton Seafood Co. that you’d like to share, please do!


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** Our Broker’s information: David R. Worden & Amy Worden, Windward Commercial Real Estate Services

650.726.1031 650.619.0553


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Amy Fothergill, the Family Chef, will teach you how to create two FAST,  EASY and DELECIOUS Seafood Main Dishes: SEAFOOD RISOTTO & COCONUT SHRIMP.


Amy Fothergill has over 25 years of cooking experience. She has worked in restaurants, catering and healthcare foodservice. Now that she is a mother of two, she has adapted her technical cooking knowledge to make the whole family happy, even those with certain allergies.

As the Family Chef, she will share her secrets with you about how to juggle cooking with any busy lifestyle. Amy will teach you everything from cooking basics to shopping strategies and will provide you with multiple recipes and useful kitchen tips.  Her website is

The fee includes the lesson, recipes, tips on cooking seafood and a one time10% discount to Princeton Seafood Fish Market.  And you get to eat the lesson so come hungry.


Sign up for two upcoming lessons for a total of $50 or sign up 2 friends for $50.  You are also welcome to visit Princeton Seafood Co to sign up. 


If you’re familiar with the harbor, then you probably know my good friend John Reinstra. And even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, his driftwood art just might!

Every weekend the retired fisherman drives his cozy RV from his home in Hayward and sets up a display of his hand-carved pieces for harbor denizens and passersby to enjoy. He specializes in fish, whales and long-necked birds with eyes made from old snail shells. Many of his fish are on display at Princeton Seafood Company. Painted by Sabrina Muscat, the fish adorn the wall in the back dining room area.



(Sabrina and John pose with their art)

“I’m carved from wood myself” says Magnus Johnson, Restaurant Watchman and Storyteller, ‘I take comfort in having John around the harbor. Plus, I think his fish looks tasty…”

Magnus interviews restaurant’s go-to art gal, Sabrina Muscat.

What work have you done for
Princeton Seafood?

I painted the faux-stone exterior of the building, with help from my daughter, Wendy. I also re-painted their old wood sign, which now hangs in the interior of the restaurant. I refinished the frames on the paintings in the front dining room to give them a “weathered boat” look. I had the honor of painting a variety of fish carved by John (Reinstra). We have a couple more projects to complete as well.

Tell us a little about yourself: Have you always considered yourself an artist?
What inspires you to paint?

I have always doodled on whatever was in front of me, but I didn’t take my first art class until I was 35. Even though I had been doing decorative painting for a living, I didn’t consider myself an artist until studying with the Animation/Illustration department at San Jose State. An injury last year ended my illustration education, but I am excited about where my art is taking me. I am inspired by many things: life, love, music, the colors of nature…. There isn’t enough time in the day to paint everything that I feel.

What are your future aspirations in the art world?
I currently have mixed media paintings in the “Art Addicts” show presented by the Art Attic, above the La Di Da Cafe in Half Moon Bay. I would love to do more shows, group and solo. I am also working on T-shirt designs, making prints and cards of my illustrative works, and building my mural portfolio.

Favorite part about Princeton Seafood?
I love the friendly service and family environment. And the salmon and cheese raviolis ;)

The Huck Finn Center is a seaworthy shop! Well, you can’t literally take the store out on the ocean and expect it to float or anything like that, but Huck Finn is one of the best go-to locations for anything related to the sea. It also happens to be Princeton Seafood’s next door neighbor and I always make a point to say “hi” to the owner, Peggy Beckett, when she comes into work in the mornings. Once you meet her you will see why. Peggy is a very personable and knowledgeable lady and can tell you anything you want to know related to fishing or the sea!

Peggy and her late husband Bill took over the shop more than 20 years ago and up until a couple years ago it stood as just a standard bait and tackle shop where one could purchase fishing supplies, apply for a license or sign up for a whale watching tour. All of that still stands, but now when one walks in they are greeted with a more gallery feel complete with handmade jewelry, photographs and other various art pulled from or inspired by the sea. “It’s all about what the ocean has to offer,” Peggy says. And there’s an emphasis on staying local too. Most of the jewelry is created by women who live aboard a boat here in Pillar Point Harbor. A big portion of the photography and other creative pieces are works of local artists.

Up until April is the gray whale season. They can be seen off the coast as they migrate from Alaska to Mexico and Peggy can set you up with a local whale watching tour. Taking off directly from Pillar Point Harbor, tours run every Saturday and Sunday
at 10 a.m. and go for 3 to 3 ½ hours. Peggy recommends calling a week in advance,
but sometimes there is space for walk-ins. Price is $45 for adults and $40 for kids.

Check out the attached coupon for 10% OFF any merchandise in the store! So stop by Princeton Seafood to get some lunch and then plan on spending some time chatting with Peggy, signing up for a whale watching tour or picking up a unique gift for yourself or someone special.

–Magnus Johnson, Restaurant Watchman & Storyteller

Title: Cool Harbor Night
Location: Pillar Point Harbor
Link out: Click here
Description: Classic cars and motorcycles on display, the first Thursday of every month, 4pm till sunset. Join other vehicle enthusiasts from around the Bay Area to admire and discuss these works of art on wheels. The collection changes every month. Free to look. Small fee to display your own vehicle (proceeds benefit local non-profits such as Senior Coastsiders and the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside.
Date: 2011-03-03

It’s a MIRACLE! We have fresh local salmon just in from Larry & Mark Andre. Here is Randy receiving for Princeton Seafood.  Hurry in!

Randy with fresh halibut

Meet my buddy Randy Haake, Fish Market manager at Princeton Seafood Co. Randy Haake often has a lot of local fish to offer. There’s halibut, petrale sole, flounder and various types of rock cod and lingcod. Today I asked him about what’s fresh in the market and how one can go about finding the freshest fish for a perfect seafood dinner or–if you’re like me—perfect fish for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts!
Randy told me recent strong winds have prevented a lot of the local fisherman from going out to sea, but pointed toward some pretty, orange, Bolinas rock cod fishermen had brought in a couple days before. When preserved in ice, this fish can stay fresh up to five or six days. The secret for finding the freshest fish, Randy says, is to look at the fish’s skin and eyes. A shiny body and clear eyes are two really good indicators that a fish is at its freshest.
The Bolinas rock cod is a very versatile fish. It’s a mild, flaky, white fish that works well with breading or as a complement to other stronger flavors. The restaurant uses the rock cod for its snapper entree and its famous fish & chips.

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    Hi Friends! We have a VERY big announcement to make! After recently celebrating 35 successful years of business, Marty and I have decided it is time to pass the torch on to someone else! We are selling Princeton Seafood Company! As much as we love our restaurant, we would really like to spend more time traveling together – […]

Seafood Main Dishes

Seafood Main Dishes