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Throwback Thursday: This was us 35 years ago!


Thirty-five years ago, Mary & Marty Botham landed their own space at 9 Johnson Pier with dreams of building up a terrific seafood restaurant and welcoming gathering spot for the locals. They started small with 800 square feet and a handful of employees and have since expanded to include 3 times the space and a staff comprising of more than 40 individuals.
In the picture above, the Bothams are standing in front of a crab tank (much smaller than the one we have on display in the fish market today) and to Marty’s left sits the 18-foot fish counter known as the “ocean on display.” This was a time when an order of fish ‘n’ chips cost less than $3 and a Bud or Coors was 75 cents. It was a time when chain stores on the Coastside were essentially unheard of, and a fish and game license only set you back $50 (today it’s nearly $2,000!).
While a lot has changed since the early 1980’s, we like to believe that the important stuff stays the same. For example, our commitment to preparing quality dishes and providing a place for our growing Coastside family to gather.
We look forward to seeing you around soon!

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