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Interview with a HMB High School Cheer Captain: Darragh White


On Monday, Sept. 29., Princeton Seafood Company will be taken over by the 19 girls that make up Half Moon Bay High School’s varsity and junior varsity cheer teams. They will be demonstrating some cheers, assisting the wait staff with orders and collecting tips to support their teams. Being a cheerleader is a lot of work! I caught up with varsity cheer captain, Darragh White during a free period last week and she filled me in on a bit of what life as a cheerleader is like. Come by Princeton Seafood Company on Monday, Sept. 29 from 5 to 8 p.m. to cheer on the cheerleaders and help fund their activities.


HMB High School Junior Varsity Team


Magnus: How did you get involved with cheerleading? 

Darragh: I came from a private school to public school and I’ve been dancing my whole life so I thought I’d try out for cheer.


Magnus:What kind of dance?

Darragh: I’ve danced competitively since I was 3 years old. I’m classically trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz and acrobatics.


Magnus: Wow, you’re probably very flexible!

 Darragh: Yeah.


Magnus: What do you like about being a cheerleader? 

 Darragh: It’s just a way for me to be involved. I’ve made kind of a family with the other cheerleaders.  


Magnus: How much work do you have to put in?

Darragh: We practice 4 days a week after school from 3:15 to 5:30 — or 6 on some days — so we put in a lot of of effort. We choreograph dances and stunts.


Magnus: How much money are you hoping to raise at the Tip-a -Cheerleader event?

Darragh: As much as we can…we do make a lot of money doing Tip-a-Cheerleader.


Magnus: What do you plan do with the funds you collect at the event? 

Darragh: Probably use it for spirit funds…helping out cheer camp and uniforms for next year


Magnus: Where do you go to camp? 

Darragh: We either go to Santa Cruz or sometimes we go to Lake Tahoe. 


Magnus: Any stereotypes or myths about cheerleaders you wish to dispel?  

Darragh: People think we’re kind of dumb. We’re really not… it’s just as hard as any sport (and) we have one of the highest GPAs at the school in regard to sports.  


HMB Varisty Team 

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