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Grab crabs here or there!

In the restaurant we’re getting crabby. Crabby in the form of platters, cioppino, cocktails, louie and sandwiches! We always welcome you to dine with us, of course, but if you’re up for a real adventure you can get your own crabs aboard the Huli Cat with my good friend and captain Tom Mattusch. Just be sure to mention that you heard about him from Princeton Seafood Company.

For more than 20 years Tom has made a career in fishing, but it didn’t always look like he was headed that way.

At the age of four, while on his first fishing trip with family and friends, Tom became concerned about the well being of the crew’s catch.

“I was so upset and worried about the fish, I hid it in my pocket,” Tom recalled.

Two weeks later, his parents discovered the fish in a dresser drawer in young Tom’s bedroom. “When they found out where the stench was coming from!” he added with a grimace.

Since the sport fishing season has opened, the big buzz around the harbor is all about crab and I caught our trusty captain just as he was loading up the crab pots aboard his boat.

On the three-hour crab tours, Tom keeps his passengers busy with jobs like cleaning the bait jars, baiting and counting the crabs. They’re permitted to collect 6 crabs per passenger at least six inches apiece.

“We’re expecting a really good year,” Tom said between stacking up the pots. “We’re expecting to keep Randy real busy.”

Randy is our fish market manager and, with his crew, he can cook, crack and clean crab for a small fee in the market.

For more information on Tom Mattusch and his chartered trips aboard the Huli Cat check out his website at

Extra crumbs & bites… Thanks to everyone who voted! Princeton Seafood recently won the red tricycle award for most kid-friendly restaurant!!! Also, Princeton Seafood Company is now accepting new and lightly-used stuffed animals to pass out at the annual Boat Decorating Contest on Saturday, Dec. 10. If you bring in a toy (or whole bag of them) you’ll get 10 percent off in the restaurant.

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