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Serving it Fresh: From Cod to Coffee

Where can a restaurant go to get great tasting, organic coffee?

For us, the answer is obvious: We get it from our Princeton neighbor Dan Handler.

All the good coffee grows along the earth’s equator says Handler, the self-proclaimed “bean counter” and owner of Outland Java Company.

Organic, of the rarer Arabica species and fair trade whenever possible, Handler culls his rich selection from Central America, South America, Africa and Indonesia.

The coffee enthusiast operates his business inside a small warehouse tucked
within Princeton. The Arabica beans he provides thrive in shaded areas where birds like to inhabit and consume the pests that would ordinarily plague the coffee plants.

“Birds eat the bugs so you don’t need pesticides,” Handler explained.

To roast the beans, Handler pours them in a contraption he likens to the air poppers used to make popcorn. This essentially caramelizes the beans, lending them an even, roasted flavor his customers have come to expect.

From the beans’ protective casing, the roaster produces a soft almost silky by-product known as chaff. Handler stuffs the chaff into burlap bags and gives them away to gardeners for their compost. He also passes on the burlap sacks to artists looking
to incorporate them in their designs.

In the restaurant, we serve up Handler’s Italian Blend & Natural Water Decaf.
The Italian blend is comprised of a full-bodied mix of African, South and Central America beans and the Natural Water Decaf offers a smooth, rich taste from
a chemical-free process. In the restaurant, we grind the beans fresh for each pot of coffee and now offer a variety of Handler’s other selections for customers to take home and prepare for themselves.

And you thought we only knew seafood…

For information about Outland Java check out Handler’s website at

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