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From Redwood to Restaurant: The Story of Magnus

Father’s Day came and went a few days ago, I know, but I want to tell you a little story about my father of sorts-my creator-Magnus Sandblom.

I was born four years ago from redwood. With a chainsaw, a sander and a few other tools my father gave me a personality, a trade and one of the biggest salmon you’ve ever seen!

Magnus owns Firewood Farms, a wood-selling business located just off of Highway 92 where many of my brothers and sisters sit for sale beside the firewood. Several more are scattered throughout Half Moon Bay and far, far, beyond. We’re an eclectic family: some of my siblings are bears and eagles; others take the form of chairs and tabletops.

When Princeton Seafood Co. owners, Mary and Marty, saw me on their trips over the hill they thought I would feel at home in front of their restaurant. One day, not too long after my birth, they talked to my father and made a deal.

Today, I greet our customers and pose for many pictures (just check out my Facebook page!) It’s nice to have a place so close to home I can call my own.

Hope to see you all around soon…


Magnus Johnson

Restaurant Watchman & Storyteller

One Response to “From Redwood to Restaurant: The Story of Magnus”

  1. Thank you Magnus, it is nice that You feel good in your home by the sea, and I know, I seen a lot of people taken pictures of you, and all the girls that gives You hugs, well, You have a good home there by the restaurant, and I will stop by now and then to check on you,that You are doing O’key.
    Your Dad