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Marty’s favorite fish ‘KISS’ tips

The “KISS” stands for “Keep it simple, stupid,” says Princeton Seafood Co-Owner, Marty Botham and here are some of his favorite fishy solutions.  So pick up some of your seafood favorites, get out your grill and bring out that  sense of humor and read on!

a.  Don’t overcook any fish. Dry and tough is for jerky.

b.  Barbecue equals indirect heat and an oiled grill brush is a must.

c. When in doubt, wrap in tin foil.

d. Seared Ahi is Yummy.

c. Things that swim like sweet and hot.

e. Watch it close: If it wiggles through the water use white sauce, if it hops through the water use red sauce.

f.  Best cooking method for fish is, grill, broil or fry … unless it’s for sushi.

g.  Beer and wine must be available when eating fish.

h.  When crab is for dinner, always get extra  (For tomorrow morning’s omelette!)

I.   When fresh seafood is served, the rule “he who eats the fastest gets the most” usually wins over all others.

j.   Fresh fish doesn’t stink.

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