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Supporting our Schools


On a recent weekday afternoon, Sea Crest teacher Kathe Bybee readied an  nthused group of third graders just before a clam dissection. The students had already learned a bit about the bivalve mollusk in class, but this day was special. “Today we get the chance to look inside them!” Bybee told the third graders.

Through Princeton Seafood’s connections with Phil Bruno at Exclusive Fresh, the restaurant was able to donate 30 clams to the students, courtesy of Bruno. And the kids seemed to appreciate it.

“It’s all really cool,” said 8-year-old Klara La Guardia during her dissection. “I expected it to be much grosser.”

Nine-year-old Rose Geller agreed with her tablemate, for the most part.

“It’s really cool to look at the inside,” Geller said.

But it didn’t smell that great, she added “and it’s all squishy!”

“It feels like a tongue,” La Guardia chirped in.

Aside, from the fun squish factor, many students said they learned a lot too. Eight-year-old Fina Rollings said he learned that the clam has an abductor muscle attached on each side.

“And it was really cool to see the heart!”

Sea Crest teachers Deb Christian and Jen Guevara along with several parent volunteers were also on hand to assist the students during their dissection that day.

Princeton Seafood Co. is a big supporter of education. We offer tours of the restaurant to interested school groups and a 20% discount for teachers every Tuesday.
Email us at for more information.

If you’d like to perform your own home dissection we sell clams in our fish market.
Or if you prefer them steamed, try them in the restaurant!

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