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Randy Haake, Fish Market manager

Randy with fresh halibut

Meet my buddy Randy Haake, Fish Market manager at Princeton Seafood Co. Randy Haake often has a lot of local fish to offer. There’s halibut, petrale sole, flounder and various types of rock cod and lingcod. Today I asked him about what’s fresh in the market and how one can go about finding the freshest fish for a perfect seafood dinner or–if you’re like me—perfect fish for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts!
Randy told me recent strong winds have prevented a lot of the local fisherman from going out to sea, but pointed toward some pretty, orange, Bolinas rock cod fishermen had brought in a couple days before. When preserved in ice, this fish can stay fresh up to five or six days. The secret for finding the freshest fish, Randy says, is to look at the fish’s skin and eyes. A shiny body and clear eyes are two really good indicators that a fish is at its freshest.
The Bolinas rock cod is a very versatile fish. It’s a mild, flaky, white fish that works well with breading or as a complement to other stronger flavors. The restaurant uses the rock cod for its snapper entree and its famous fish & chips.

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